Task management made relaxing and efficient

Cloud based, no installation. Tailored to the needs of small companies. Free for users and companies with less than 4 employees*


Access your tasks from anywhere, at any time

Our web-based application lets you access your data 24/7 with just an internet connection. Plus, our enhanced security measures ensure your sensitive information is protected. With SAMETASK, you’ll enjoy a streamlined workflow, boosted productivity and take your business to the next level.

Efficient and feature-rich task management

Only as complicated as it needs to be: SAMETASK is an intuitive small business task manager to simplify your workload without sacrificing functionality.

Streamline Your Small Business Tasks

SAMETASK is a cloud-based task management tool tailored to small businesses that provides easy access, enhanced usability, and a good selection of useful features. With SAMETASK, users can manage tasks in a relaxing and uncomplicated way, thanks to its streamlined workflow and practical user interface. Our tool is free for users and companies with less than 4 employees, and the Pro Plan starts from just 3.99 EUR/seat/month, with no charge for inactive users and the option to cancel at any time.

Flexible pricing options to fit your needs

Start with our free plan with no charge for end-users or companies with less than 4 employees*, and upgrade later to our Pro plan for companies over 4 employees with a monthly charge based on user seats. There are no charges for inactive users, and you can cancel anytime. Prices start from 3.99 EUR/seat/month.
  • Your free base plan after registration
  • No charge for endusers
  • No charge for companies with less than 4 employees
  • No credit card required
  • No trial, no time limit
  • Upgrade to PRO anytime
  • For companies over 4 employees
  • Monthly charge based on user seats
  • No charge for inactive users
  • Can be canceled at any time
  • Starting from 3.99 EUR/seat/month

* Registration in the system is free, we never charge endusers. Companies can use our system for free for up to 3 people without time limit, no credit card required. For companies with with more than 3 employees we offer affordable packages.